Florida Specific: Boat Ownership and Registration

Owning and Registering Your Boat

When you own a boat in Florida, there are important registration requirements:

You must register your boat within 30 days of purchase, unless it’s under 16 feet long and not motorized, or it’s a non-motorized canoe, kayak, racing shell, or rowing scull.

Registration Number:
Your vessel’s registration number should be on both sides, near the front half, as high as possible above the waterline. The numbers should be plain, block letters and figures, at least 3 inches high, in a color that stands out from the boat’s exterior. Separate numbers from letters with a hyphen or a space as wide as a letter.

Certificate of Registration:
Keep your registration certificate on board whenever you’re using the boat, and be ready to show it to a law enforcement officer if asked.

Out-of-State Boat:
If you own a boat registered in another state and plan to mainly use it in Florida, you have a 90-day grace period before you need to register it in Florida.

Registration Decal Renewal:
You must renew your boat’s registration decal every year. Place it within 6 inches of the registration numbers on the boat’s port side (left side), either before or after the numbers.



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