Fishermen and Hunters

hunter atop a boat

Some fishermen and hunters do not consider themselves boaters. This belief is not always true. Approximately one-third of all boating fatalities occurred when the victim was fishing. The US Coast Guard has also reported that more hunters die yearly from drowning, hypothermia, and bleeding from gunshot wounds. 

Most of these fatalities could have been prevented if these fishermen and hunters had a comprehensive understanding of safe boating practices, just as any other boater should. 

Several fishermen and hunters drown yearly due to their failure to act as responsible boaters. The most common causes of these drowning accidents are overloading, negligent boating practices, standing on a boat, and failure to wear a Personal Flotation Device. 

The US Coast Guard strongly recommends that everyone in the boat remain low and that gear should be evenly distributed. Standing in a small boat alters its gravity, resulting in instability. When this occurs, a wave, a sudden turn, or a wake can capsize the boat. Additionally, fishermen who fire their guns while standing up risk losing their balance and falling overboard. 

As a precaution, do not operate around boaters who are hunting. Always wear a lifejacket and never anchor in narrow channels or shipping lanes when fishing.



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