Boat/PWC Rental Company Responsibilities

The boat/pwc rental company you are renting your vessel from is responsible for making sure that you are equipped with the tools to have a safe, fun day on the water. Before you leave, the Livery must know that you’re familiar with THE SAFE OPERATION AND CHARACTERISTICS OF THE VESSEL AND KNOW THE NAVIGATIONAL RULES AND CHARACTERISTICS OF OUR WATERWAYS AND THE RESPONSIBILITIES AS AN OPERATOR. When in doubt don’t go out! 

Make sure you have a mode of communication with you at all times, such as a cell phone and that it’s fully charged. Not all boats/PWC have a means of charging your phone. Also, make sure there’s no off limit areas, shallow seagrass beds, or other areas where you’re not aloud to take your vessel. Knowing the characteristics of the waterways where you’re operating your vessel on is of the utmost importance.



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