A boat/pwc rental company should never send you out in dangerous weather. This includes lightning within seven miles, small craft advisories, or flash flood warnings. Keep in mind OPERATING IN THE RAIN is not dangerous. However, conditions can change quickly. The company can do everything in their power to make sure you have a sunshiny day on the water, but where you’re at may have different conditions than where the rental company is located. Use caution and judgement when in unfamiliar areas when weather is changing quickly.

Always keep an eye out for A BUILD-UP OF DARK CLOUDS as the first indicator of possible dangerous weather. It’s always a good idea to download a weather app, and make sure you communicate with your rental company about potential weather events. As always, make sure you have a responsible party with a phone on the vessel in the case of emergencies. If you’re uncertain as to the conditions of the day contact your rental operator and ask their opinion.



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