Dealing with Rough Weather

Weather cannot be controlled, however by constantly monitoring the weather and water conditions boaters can mitigate their risk.

  • Avoid getting caught in storms and heavy waves by evaluating current and forecasted conditions such as oncoming dark clouds and change in wind speed. Continue to monitor the weather on the radio, heading for safety before threatening conditions develop.
  • Close all hatches, windows, and doors.
  • Remove water collecting and sloshing in the vessel, which can cause stability problems.
  • Secure all loose gear, both above and below deck. Lash down larger items and put smaller ones away. Stow lines that are not in use.
  • Have everyone put on appropriate foul weather gear and USCG approved life jackets.
  • Direct passengers to stay low or sit on the floor, close to the boat’s centerline.
  • If there is lightning, stay clear of metal objects, and seek the closest safe harbor.
  • Slow the vessel’s speed, but maintain enough power for steering and headway.



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