Precautions for Towed Water and Wake Sports

Due to the dynamic nature of towed water sports, boat operators must always consider the path of the towed participant, as the operator is in control. It is imperative that the operator maintain a safe distance from other boats or fixed objects so that the participant does not unintentionally come in contact with these hazards.

Tremendous forces can be exerted upon the towed participants while being towed. The vessel operator must travel at a speed which will not cause physical harm to the participants should they fall or encounter waves. The operator should be aware that the rate at which they turn can greatly increase these forces. They must be aware of the length of towline and the age of the participant and operate their vessel accordingly.

Towed watersport devices may have recommended tow speeds and participation capacities, as well as age and weight ranges. States have specific laws addressing life jacket wear, ski-flags, observers, distance from shore and other boats for safe operation, length of tow line, etc.



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