Understanding Florida Boater Laws On Alcohol Consumption

PWC and Boats are fun to ride but must be enjoyed responsibly; that’s why drinking alcohol is taken very seriously while aboard a Personal Water Craft or Boat as it slows and impairs your judgment and physical reaction time. In the state of Florida, a boater is considered legally impaired at a.08 blood alcohol level. However, if you are a novice or first-time boater, we strongly recommend steering clear of alcohol. Any operator caught boating while impaired faces stiff penalties and possible jail time. Please operate responsibly when considering drinking and boating.

A final word on alcohol. Always make sure you have a responsible, sober party on the vessel. While we want you to enjoy your boat and or PWC it’s very important that you remain responsible. You wouldn’t want a first time driver on the road drinking just a couple drinks. The water is no different. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or a first timer staying sober while on an unfamiliar boat, in unfamiliar waters is probably the best bet!



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